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Why Elect Ansari for Mayor

We have had many elections in Newmarket. What is unique about this election is that it is about innovative ideas, not the same old same old; about the future, not the past; and about a new vision for Newmarket, not the old vision. This election is not about who is born in Newmarket or who has a family history in politics. This election is about who can deliver a better solution to our families & a promising future to our children

I have come up with a New Vision for Newmarket where our youth can find jobs, our children can get quality university education within a few kilometers from home, our property taxes are aligned with other cities, the snow banks at the end of the driveways left after the street has been plowed are removed, our roads are repaired/improved in a short period of time, our seniors receive the best possible care, our families in distress and people with mental health/addiction issues have access to community support, our children can play without the fear of criminals, our communities are engaged in more productive and interactive activities, and our residents receive better and faster services.

I am looking for your support and vote on Oct. 22nd to implement my New Vision for Newmarket. Please take a look at the vision menu/section of this website for an in-depth analysis and commentary, and contact me via social media or email or text or just a phone call, and I will be very happy to answer any questions/concerns you may have.

As a mayor, I will donate $10,000 to local charities, each year!

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